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Raimonds TOMSONS

Raimonds Tomsons is today, without any doubt, one of the top sommelier worldwide. After becoming the “Best sommelier of Europe & Africa” in 2017, Raimonds was ranked 3rd at the ASI “Best Sommelier of the World competition” that took place in Belgium in 2019.

For his latest project, Raimonds became the wine director of the importing company “Barents Wine Collectors” in Riga, Latvia. On top of this activity, Raimonds also is the Co-Founder of the premium wine education plateform “Wineteach”.

We had the chance to discuss with Raimonds and ask him a few questions about his favorite varietal, his “go to” drink if not wine,… here are his answers.


Name : Raimonds Tomsons


Nationality : Latvian


Birth year : 1980

What region would you pick for a bottle of your vintage? Not the easiest vintage for wine but most probably I would go with Vintage Port


What's for your favorite varietal ? and why? Riesling. Has great diversity of styles, ageing potential and still good value!


Any varietal you don’t get along well ?
Not really, since I believe that every variety has its right moment/occasion to be enjoyed.


What do you drink when you don't have a glass of wine in your hand?  Beer, Sake, G&T and Negroni


Let's say you are alone, at home, what's your favorite casual food and wine pairing for dinner? Asian style sweet & sour dish (plenty of coriander) with an off dry Riesling!


What is your favorite wine region, not to drink, but to visit ?
There are so many but probably Piedmont


If you had to save one bottle from your cellar being on fire, which one would it be?
I do not really collect wines but there are few bottles of Champagnes laid down for my Children, so probably, those 

Black on Transparent.png

Do you/Did you have a role model/a mentor in the wine/sommelier world? If so, who ?
I really admired Gerard Basset for being so humble and human and I also really like the confident style and great sense of humor of Andreas Larsson


Best advice you ever received?
From My Family – to believe in myself and my opportunities and to find confidence


Imagine you have been cursed !! You are only able to drink 1 red wine and 1 white wine until your life end. What would it be? 
This is a really cruel question ! Probably Grand Cru white Burgundy or GG Riesling and for red first growth Bordeaux


You already have an amazing career as a Sommelier. What is your next step/objective in the wine/sommelier world?
Most probably to compete one more time in the Best Sommelier of the World competition and to build the best wine portfolio in the Baltic Countries with our new project – Barents Wine Collectors


Champagne, Cava or Franciacorta?  Champagne it is 


In the city you currently live in, do you have a favorite wine shop for Champagne or other wine categories that you love to go to?
Since we (Barents Wine Collectors) do import wines ourselves, my favorite place is our cellar but sometimes I really love to buy a bottle or two at at Noble Wine shop on Elizabetes street 33 here in Riga, Latvia!

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