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Kevin Lu - Champagne Boizel

10th of December 2021

Kevin LU, passionate sommelier and future big gun of the Asia Sommellerie industry

Kevin started to have an interest in the wine very young...when most of us didn't even start to appreciate wine. This passion got serious at the age of 19 when he had already started to pass his WSET degrees. Despite this passion, Kevin decided to focus his university studies on a Finance and banking program. At 22 and after obtaining his diploma, it was time to take the big decision: Move forward with a career in banking....or follow his passion. The decision was natural...and just a few weeks later, Kevin was starting his first Sommelier job, moving from Taiwan to Singapore, to work for the renowned F&B group: "Unlisted collection". After four years in Singapore and a year back in Taiwan for the Marriott group, Kevin decided to move to Hongkong. In the Asian "NYC" Kevin started to work for one of the references of the city's F&B industry: The "Black sheep" group, under the management of Master Sommelier Arnaud Bardary.
Kevin was elected in 2019 Best Sommelier of Taiwan in French wines as well as an honoree of Asian Generation T List by the Tatler Magazine. 

Back in Taiwan, Kevin is today preparing for the Master Sommelier exam and is working as a judge in wine competitions, lecturer in different universities, and writing wine articles for various lifestyle magazines. 

We had Kevin taste a wine from the Champagne house BOIZEL : The cuvée "Ultime Zero Dosage". We won't disclose the full discussion around this tasting but Kevin's first reaction when tasting the Champagne was "Wow, it's so good !!". Find here below his full tasting notes: 

Pic Kevin_edited_edited.jpg

Champagne Boizel
Ultime Zero Dosage

On the sight, we have a beautiful golden straw color and very fine and opulent mousseux.

The nose is full of charming candied marigold, yellow pear, nectarine, nougat, toasty almond, strong mineral scent with hints of white flower and spicy aroma.

The palate is very refreshing and persistent, with mandarin zest, and apple flavor mixed with a delicate flower, toasty walnut, cookies, and almond tones. Very fine bubbles coating with ample, saline, and creamy texture.


Five Willows Very traditional Taiwanese dish with many steps of preparation behind it. Fish will be fried to get crispy skin and stuff 5 types of vegetables that are cut very thinly inside the fish. After the fish stews with these 5 types of vegetables. The sauce will be made from vegetable water, rice vinegar, sugar, soy sauce while everything cooks together. To pair with this dish, the sweetness of vegetable and sweet and sour sauce flavor will nicely work with the texture of champagne and balanced by the freshness of Champagne to enhance the complexity of Champagne and the dish.

Technical sheet

  • Champagne produced only in years in which grapes can reach very high level of maturity

  • Varietals 

    • 50% Pinot Noir​

    • 37% Chardonnay

    • 13% Pinot Meunier

  • Dosage : Zero Dosage 


  • Winemaking: 

    • 40% reserve wines

    • Aged 72 months on lees

Boizel Ultime_edited.jpg
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