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Stefan Neumann MS
Gosset Grand Millesime 2015

August 28th 2023

Austrian born, London based, Stefan Neumann MS is an independent wine consultant, working with companies like Graham's, Austrian Wine Marketing and Fells to name a few. Stefan is also a wine educator and has recently launched his own online blind tasting course to support wine students and professionals to improve their skills and help them to pass their exams and wine qualifications.

Stefan began his sommelier journey at the two star Michelin venue, Le Manoir Aux Saison by Raymond Blanc, before moving to other exceptional venues such as The Fat Duck, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park where he became a Master Sommelier in 2017.

Today, Stefan is tasting for us the Grand Millesime 2015 from the Champagne house Gosset.

Gosset is a unique Champagne house as (watch out you sommelier as this is definitely a question that could fall into your examinations) it is the oldest wine house in Champagne Region, created in 1584, when Pierre Gosset, Lord and Alderman of Aÿ, decided to set up a négociant business. Today, Gosset belongs to the family owned group Renaud-Cointreau.


Grand Millesime 2015

Stefan Neumann MS's tasting notes

Exciting times when you get the chance to try Gosset Grand Millesime 2015. Gosset as a champagne house has always fascinated me, not only by being the oldest wine house in Champagne (est. 1584) but the fact that they do things slightly differently than many others. Firstly, by purposely avoiding malolactic fermentation and hereby give their Champagne the gift of time. Meaning, releasing when ready, not demanded.

As for this 2015 it is still as fresh as a daisy, lively and a bit nervous. It is precisely this youthfulness which gets you excited, and it is certainly a champagne demanding your undivided attention. Initially full of citrus aromas with candied lemon peel taking the
lead, followed by delicate orange and a touch of lime blossom. There is an underlying salty mineral quality to it, giving it drive and energy. This is followed by a delicate pear aroma and a touch of quince. Once you deep dived into it and had a few sips, the palate of this 2015 develops a slightly creamy mouthfeel with a delicate nutty note of cashews and peanuts.

Intriguing as this is clearly telling you – please have me with some food. It’s precisely this Lazer sharp freshness and ethereal lightness which makes me want to commit high treason in an Austrian way. Wiener Schnitzel made with pork meat (the original is with veal). With the
fear of having my passport eternally revoked I still gave it my best shot and without too much self-praise, was pretty chuffed with my result. The second evening I tremendously enjoyed it with my BBQ skewers made with chicken, pepper, and courgette. Complemented with a
little tomato salad on the side which was marinated with Austrian pumpkin seed oil. Not only my palate was euphoric, but the bottle was quickly empty.

Finally, my preferred glass was the Josephinenhütte Champagne. Simply a divine glass giving this Gosset enough room to breathe yet without compromising its energetic nature and liveliness.

Oh gosh…Gosset you won my heart, not by storm but more in gentle waves. One by one!

Technical sheet

2015 was an excellent year for Pinot Noir. To create an elegant and distinguished Champagne, Odilon de Varine, the cellarmaster and his team selected plots where the Pinot Noirs were particularly fresh and fine. The Chardonnays were chosen for their vibrant and aromatic character.

  • Varietals :

    • ​59% Pinot Noir

    • 41% Chardonnay

  • Origine of the grapes : 
    Prestigious villages in Champagne such as Ambonnay, Avenay, Avize, Bisseuil, Chavot, Cramant,... ​


  • Winemaking: 

    • No Malolactic fermentation

    • Cellaring : May 2016

    • After disgorgement, the bottles are returned to the cellars to rest for at least 6 months to allow the wine to smoothly assimilate the dosage

    • Dosage : 4,00 g/L (Extra brut)

To watch Odilon de Varine, Gosset's Cellar Master, taste this 2015 cuvée and know more details about the wine, click here below :

Gosset GM.jpg
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