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Marcos Flores Tlalpan

25th of February 2022

Marcos Flores, the pope of the Mexican sommellerie

If you have been to Mexico and got in touch with the sommelier community, without any doubt, you met or have heard about Marcos. Since more than 15 years now, Marcos has been invested in the Sommellerie industry, not only in Mexico but throughout the world, running as candidate in the Best Sommelier of Mexico competition and won it in 2005, 2007 and was crowned best of the best in 2010. 

Today, Marcos is the CEO of the "Grupo Gemaric" and of "Enotoken" (a cryptocurrency focusing on the wine industry),  and is more than ever invested in the sommelier community. He is not only the President of APAS (Pan-American Alliance of Sommeliers) but also the Vice President of the Americas for ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale). 

We had the chance to chat with Marcos and ask him a few questions about him, his carreer and his favorite type of are his answers !

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Name : Marcos Flores Tlalpan

Nationality : Mexican 

Your vintage : 1977


What region would you pick for a bottle of your vintage?
Port , jejeje it is one of the few regions in the world where they produced exceptional wines that year

What is your favorite varietal ? and why?

It is hard to say one because there are a lot of options...but I would choose Gruner Veltliner as I love its versatility

Any varietal you don’t get along with ? There is actually none 


What do you drink when you don't have a glass of wine in your hand? Tea

Let's say you are alone, at home, what's your favorite casual food and wine pairing for dinner? 

I would get some Tacos al pastor with a Gruner Veltliner Wine 

What is your favorite wine region, not to drink, but to visit? Toscana 


If you had to save one bottle from your cellar being on fire, which one would it be?

Château D’Yquem 1927 

When studying to become a sommelier or for the competitions, did you have a role model/a mentor in the wine/sommelier world? If so, who? Yes, the person that inspired me to become a sommelier was Gerard Basset, who was one of the few persons to obtain a master of wine and a master sommelier. I had the opportunity to compete with him in the 2010 Best Sommelier of the World competition in Chile.

Best advice you ever received? Enjoy your job and make people enjoy

Imagine you have been cursed !! You are only able to drink 1 red wine and 1 white wine until your life ends. What would it be? Red from Barolo, White any Gruner Veltliner form Austria


Champagne, Cava or Franciacorta? 

Obviously Champagne 

What is your plan in the wine/sommelier world for the coming months/years?
Make more people in Mexico drink wine and make more people use my cryptocurrency Enotoken ( )

In the city you currently live in, do you have a favorite wine shop for Champagne or other wine categories that you love to go to? I usually visit several wine shops, from small boutiques such as Tierras de Uva and other large ones such as Vinoteca and La Europea.

In the Champagne area, is there a particular style or Origin of the grapes that you prefer? If so, do you have a house or grower that you particularly like?

Yes, I love the Blanc de blancs from Le Mesnil sur Oger, blanc de noir from Ambonnay, It’s hard to say just one label, but I would say Krug, Gosset, Salon and Ruínart jeje 


Most of the Mexican wines people taste in general are red wines. Would you have however any recommandation(s) on Mexican sparkling wine that we all should taste? 

Sure ! Viña Dolores Chardonnay Brut Nature from Freixenet Mexico in Querétaro. And also try blanc de blancs. 

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