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Helga Schroeder M.S. - Tristan Hyest

11th of November 2021

Helga has always been a very open minded person. She loves to discover (language, cultures,….and everything about wine). This state of mind brought her a multitude of different experiences in the wine and hospitality business, giving her the opportunity to discover all aspects of the industry. After graduating from a Sommelier diploma, Helga has been a shop manager in a wine store, Head Sommelier and Restaurant Manager in Michelin Stars restaurants, speaker and host in wine tasting events,…


It is in 2019, after many years of study (and many wines tasted) that Helga passed the MS exam and became the first female M.S. in Germany ! 

Helga is tasting for us today a Blanc de Noirs cuvee from a grower producing amazing wines! The wines are as good as the production is confidential. On this specific cuvee, Tristan Hyest produced only 762 bottles and 36 magnums !


If you are fond of small and still undiscovered jewels from Champagne, then you will love those wines. If you want to get in touch with Tristan, just drop us a mail or a private message in IG and we will be more than happy to share his contact with you!


"Les Vignes de Trélou" by Tristan Hyest is a Blanc de Noirs extra brut, coming from the Marne Valley in AOP Champagne.

The Marne Valley is famous for its great wines composed by mostly Pinot Meunier and this Champagne proofs it right.

Tasting notes: 

In the glass it shows a bright straw yellow with slightly golden hues and elegant perlage.

On the nose you receive aromas of ripe yellow pear, quince, caramelised apricot but also notes of freshly baked brioche and white champignons. Also some red fruit like raspberry and a slighty herbal touch of thyme.

On the palate it is bone dry which is lovely balanced by the fruityness and body Pinot Meunier always adds. Vivid and elegant mousseux with long finish. Slightly fresher than on the nose with notes of candied bergamotte; hints of light tobacco, cookies and again some red fruit like ripe nectarines. An absolutely charming wine, well balanced with freshness, medium weight body and structure.

Drink it for your next Brunch or pair it with a classic Tarte Tatin. For the savoury taste I recommend a delicately smoked trout wth glaced onions, tiny crunchy bits of bacon and some potato purée.

Technical sheet

  • Type : Blanc de Noirs

  • Varietal :

    • 35% Pinot noir

    • 65% Pinot Meunier

  • Provenance of the grapes: Trélou sur Marne (Vallée de la Marne) 

  • Origin of the wine :

    • 65% from the 2015 vintage

    • 35% from the solera system

  • Dosage : Extra brut (3,5g/l)

  • Cellaring time : 6 years before degorgement

  • Production

    • 762 bottles

    • 36 Magnums

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