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Cameron Douglas M.S.

New Zealand's King of Sommeliers

                                                                                              24th of March 2023

Cameron is New Zealand’s first and only Master Sommelier. 

Cameron is an experienced wine writer, commentator, wine judge, wine reviewer, presenter and consultant. He lives his life around his enthusiasm for all things beverage - writing, travelling, tasting and speaking. Cameron judges and presents wine regularly in the USA, UK, Australia and Asia. He is the wine & beverage feature writer for MiNDFOOD & Style magazines and contributes to a number of other publications. Also, his personal reviews of all kind of wines are available through his website, as a courtesy to the industry and interested public of wine lovers.

Cameron is also the Group Beverage Manager for Rodd and Gunn & The Lodge Bar Dining – a position that encompasses their global operations, currently focussed on NZ and Australia.

Cameron kindly accepted to answer a few questions to the Champagne & Sommeliers are his answers 

Thanks Cameron !

CJD Image 2.jpg

Name : Cameron J. Douglas

Nationality :  100% Kiwi (New Zealander)
Birth year : 1966

What region would you pick for a bottle of your vintage?


What's your favourite varietal ? and why?

Pinot Noir. This is a variety that was part of an epiphany wine for me (I've had several wine epiphanies since). When I was studying for my Master Sommelier exams I had the opportunity to work harvest in Burgundy at Domaine Joillot, it was here that I discovered how the scents of a vineyard, soil and variety, lees and winemaking can echo through a wine.

Any varietal you don’t get along well ? Pinot Blanc

What do you drink when you don't have a glass of wine in your hand? A Negroni, I love the tease of bitterness against a backdrop of fine gin and high quality vermouth.

Let's say you are alone, at home, what's your favourite casual food and wine pairing for dinner?

Red beet risotto with lots of greens, smoked salmon, lashings of parmesan cheese and a glass or three of Syrah.


What is your favourite wine region, not to drink, but to visit ?

At the moment it is Central Otago, it is beautiful, dramatic, has super fresh air and vistas that look even better with each new sunrise. 

If you had to save one bottle from your cellar being on fire, which one would it be? I have a Jeroboam of No1 Family Estate Cuvee Blanc de Blancs Methode Traditionnelle, it's of equal quality to any Champagne I have enjoyed and I'll be able to share it with my wife.

Do you/Did you have a role model/a mentor in the wine/sommelier world? If so, who. I had several outstanding mentors throughout my journey to becoming a Master Sommelier; the one person who showed me pathways to success was Master Sommelier Fred Dame

Best advice you ever received? You are your brand, protect it, build it.

Imagine you have been cursed !! You are only able to drink 1 red wine and 1 white wine until your life ends. What would it be? Red - Puriri Hills 'Pope' red blend from Clevedon, Auckland; White - No1 Family Estate Cuvee Adele (Vintage)


Champagne, Cava or Franciacorta? Champagne


In the city you currently live in, do you have a favourite wine shop for Champagne or other wine categories that you love to go to? Maison Vauron in Newmarket, Auckland.


Do you have any recommendations on sparkling wine made in New Zealand? No1 Family Estate in Marlborough (Reserve Blanc de Blancs), Quartz Reef 2017 in Central Otago (Blanc de Blancs), Huia in Marlborough (2018 Blanc de Blancs). 

Social Channels:

Twitter: @camdouglasms;

Instagram: @camdouglasms



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