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28th of October 2021

Young & gifted are two perfect words to describe Mason Ng

Indeed, at only 26 years old and already an Advanced Sommelier CMS, Mason has already reach an impressive level of maturity in the F&B industry. Based in Singapore, his very first job in the Sommellerie was at the age of 18, at the "La Strada" restaurant ("Les amis" group) and was quickly sent to the flagship restaurant of the group, awarded 3 Michelin stars "Les Amis". With the right mentality and discipline, Mason's sommelier skills improved incredibly fast. He then became the Head Sommelier of the stunning bar "Atlas", dealing with a superb selection of Champagnes.

Since 2018, Mason is working at the Park90 and is today its wine director. Mason is also a great competitor. In 2019, he became the best sommelier in Singapore and the same year, won the Best Sommelier competition for South East Asia - Taiwan. 


Name :  Mason Ng

Nationality : Malaysian

Birth year : 1995
What region would you pick for a bottle of your vintage? I'd have to say Bordeaux

What's for your favorite varietal ? and why? Pinot Noir, for it's versatility. Every country, every region, it shows such a different character though being the same grape. Very terroir definitive 

Any varietal you don’t get along well ? Not really, I'd like to think that at different stages of your wine journey you tend to enjoy some grapes over others. Perhaps my palate hasn't developed to like a certain profile yet for now but I'd like to keep an open mind about things. I started off swearing by Cabernet Sauvignon and now I enjoy grapes like Pineau d'Aunis, Gamay and Trousseau! Never give up on any grape, anything as a matter of fact.

What do you drink when you don't have a glass of wine in your hand? For enjoyment, recently, I'd have to say an ice cold Whisky Highball hits the spot. Simple yet elegant.

Let's say you are alone, at home, what's your favorite casual food and wine pairing for dinner? That would have to be Pizza / Pasta with a bottle of red wine in the balcony.

What is your favorite wine region, not to drink, but to visit ? I don't have a favourite wine region as I love every wine regions I've visited- all with their unique characters. Depends on the mood but I do really enjoy spending time at a Heuriger in Austria if i had to pick. Cold cuts, cheese, a bottle of cheap Gruner with sparkling water to make a spritz overlooking a vineyard before sunset.

If you had to save one bottle from your cellar being on fire, which one would it be? I have spent almost an hour now on this question and i have to say, I can't pick any. All are too precious to me, I'd probably sit in the fire and drink as many as i can!

Do you/Did you have a role model/a mentor in the wine/sommelier world? If so, who? I had. He pushed me to improve myself a lot. I respected him a lot at that time but at some point we split paths.

Best advice you ever received? Just go ahead and pursue what your heart tells you to. - my parents

Imagine you have been cursed !! You are only able to drink 1 red wine and 1 white wine until your life end. What would it be? I'd rather be dead but if i had to choose, Red - 1990 Jacques Frederic Mugnier Musigny Grand Cru ; White - 2015 Chateau Haut Brion Blanc


What is your next step/objective in the wine/sommelier world? I'm intending to learn winemaking in the next 5 years. There are plans made already and I am quite excited about it, provided travelling is an option. Apart from that I'd like to broaden my beverage knowledge by learning a bit more on spirits/cocktails/bartending and hopefully be all rounded in the beverage world, pursuing tea, coffee, and sake progressively. Learning never stops.


Champagne, Cava or Franciacorta? Champagne hands down


In Singapore, do you have a favorite wine shop for Champagne or other wine categories that you love to go to? Currently in Singapore, I usually buy off suppliers directly. RAW Wines by Alvin Gho and Ian is one of my go to every month to stock up on exciting wines but for Champagne probably Icon Wines for Charles Heidsieck.

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